Star Wars: Empire Eclipsed

Incoming Transmission From Alliance High Command

The Elrood, Airam, Cegul, and Rseik sectors have all recently fallen to Alliance forces with little opposition. This was mainly due to information gained from one of our Fulcrum agents that most Imperial High Command in these sectors have recently gone mysteriously missing. Imperial military force levels in the affected sectors dropped dramatically after the commanders disappearance, so it is believed that infighting and assassinations are to blame, with the missing troops and ships probably going to whichever Imperial commander ordered the assassinations.

This leaves the Minos and Kathol sectors as the last bastions of Imperial rule in the area. We are advised by Fulcrum that the Imperial presence has historically always been low in these sectors. It has therefore been determined that Alliance High Command will commit to a limited, lightning strike to destroy key Imperial military installations in the area, and leave the remaining Imperial forces to Sector Command forces to neutralize. Command of these operations is given to Col. Osiris Denth, with limited fleet support under Commander Yun V’vock.



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