Adm. Aleksandr Shan

Blood of the Empire


Aleksander Shan, eldest of three Shan siblings, was born during the Golden Age of the Galactic Republic. Raised in the shadow of his family’s accomplishments and lore, Aleksandr dreamed of becoming a Jedi Knight, but alas, it was not meant to be. Deaf to the Force as Aleksandr was, his younger brother Edrik was not, and was chosen for Jedi training at the age of six, which infuriated and shamed Aleksandr, having his Jedi birthright stolen from him. Though removed from his family, Edrik and Aleksandr would still cross paths many times over the following decades, with Aleksandr entering the public service to desperately try and close the gap in accomplishments between himself and his now-famous Jedi Knight brother. Once the Clone Wars broke out and the Republic threatened, Edrik would go on to perform missions for the Jedi Order, while Aleksadr entered military service with the Republic Navy, eventually serving with distinction and rising to the rank of Commander, despite his glory-hounding. Once the Clone Wars ended and the Jedi Order accused of treason against the Emperor, Aleksandr seized this opportunity to move against his brother once and for all. Now a Captain of an Imperial Star Destroyer, Aleksandr partially blockaded orbital space over the planet Taris in order to perform ship-by-ship sweeps. Locating his Jedi brother aboard a freighter fleeing the system, Aleksandr ordered his Star Destroyer to open fire on the vessel, sending it and his brother to be ‘one with the Force’.

In the intervening years Aleksandr married and had a daughter, Deena, but divorced her mother soon after. Aleksandr has never treated his daughter particularly well, often an absent father, he lamented Deena‘s gender, and pushed her to pursue a career with the Imperial Military. Aleksandr’s glory hounding has also both earned him reward, and cost him over the long run, especially after an incident involving the smuggler Lando Calrissian and the Emperor’s personal starship. He has taken to collecting what artifacts of the destroyed Jedi Order the Empire will allow him, as victory tokens of his brother’s defeat. Only after the chaos of the Battle of Endor has he seen a rise through the Imperial Navy to the rank of Admiral, but his good fortunes have been tempered by rumors of a young man carrying Aleksandr’s family name, and claiming to be the son of his long dead brother.

Adm. Aleksandr Shan

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