Com. Qwitchth

Freedom for Karideph!


A stout and sturdy Kari of the warrior caster, Qwitchth is never seen out of his traditional Queen’s guard uniform, and moves stiffly and sternly, even for a Kari.


Qwitchth was born of the warrior caste on Karideph, and throughout his life cared very little for the politics of the greater galaxy. For him, the world consisted of the honor, duty and ritual involved in being the member of his Hives Queens Guard. He spent endless days learning etiquette, undertaking ritualistic duels and largely fulfilling a ceremonial role. This all changed when the Empire blockaded Karideph. In the famine that followed his Queen decided to take the desperate action of gathering together the few starships in her Hive to run the blockade. This action merely provoked the Empire’s wrath, and turbolaser batteries ripped apart the Hives palace complex.

Qwitchth could only stand by and watch as his world was destroyed. He swore on his honour that the Empire would pay, and after joining the Rebel Alliance Minos Sector Command, he quickly rose through the ranks. He has consistently been a voice for bold and direct action, and harbors a distrust of non-Kari, though this has been worn down through his interactions with the diverse membership of the Rebel Alliance.

Com. Qwitchth

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