Dash Rendar

Danger Zone


Cocky and self-centered, Dash Rendar was once a recruit at the Imperial Academy, until his mother, a Duchess of Corellia, was accused by the Emperor of political and financial corruption. Instead of imprisonment or execution, banishment was the punishment chosen for the Rendar family, with Dash turning to smuggling shortly thereafter. Dash was given the Outrider a top of the line CEC YT-2400 freighter, and an LE-series personal assistant droid, LE-B0, to run his smuggling operation for the good of his family. However, his selfish nature overriding most things, Dash has used the Outrider as his own personal travel ship, as well as a means to harass the Empire from time to time. While Dash often pilots the Outrider, he often gives LE-B0 punishingly menial tasks to perform aboard the ship, almost to deliberately demoralize the poor droid.

In the few years since beginning his smuggling career, Dash Rendar has provisionally joined up with the Rebel Alliance as a smuggler, and part-time ASF operative. Within the Rebel Alliance, Dash Rendar is a polarizing and controversial figure; though a highly skilled operative, Rendar is often selfish and improvisational in the field, and has cost the lives of Rebel soldiers, putting him at odds with other Rebels like Sgt. Breego Fazzik, Com. Keyan Farlander, and Auren Shan, Rendar’s pseudo-rival. If not for his egotism, or his immaturity, other Rebels primarily hate Dash Rendar for his womanizing. Attempting to seduce anything that could fog durasteel, Rendar has attempted and seduced many female Rebel agents, soldiers and personnel into his quarters aboard the Outrider though he has had his eye on Auren’s cousin Deena without much luck. Occasionally forced to work with Auren Shan, Dash tries to antagonize the “so-called Jedi” as much as he can.

Dash Rendar

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