Lt. Deena Shan



Lieutenant Deena Shan, cousin to Auren Shan, is one of the Rebellion’s most accomplished AI agents. Having joined the Rebellion just after the Battle of Yavin, Deena signed up with the Rebels in an effort to escape the drudgery of her home planet, as well as the overbearing and unreasonable demands of her father, Aleksandr Shan. Deena never thought she would become one of the Rebellion’s most prized assets, a Fulcrum Agent sent deep undercover into the Empire, often operating as one of the Empire’s own officers; only a year after her recruitment she had seduced the warden of an Imperial prison into a lethal trap, freeing the slaves and prisoners of war being held in the prison. Deena only met her cousin Auren for the first time, shortly after the Battle of Yavin; neither were aware they had any other family. Since then both Deena and Auren have grown closer over the subject of their fathers, with Deena intensely curious about her cousin’s Jedi heritage.

Deena has since been sent deep undercover after the Battle of Endor on yet another top secret mission for the Rebel Alliance. Though more likely in an Imperial uniform than not, Deena believes in the freedom the Rebel Alliance fights for, and she will do anything to ensure the success of her mission.

Lt. Deena Shan

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