Sgt. Jorrick Vrenson

Dog of the Empire


An early recruit to the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps. Jorrick Vrenson saw the improving security and quality of life that the Empire brought to his backwater homeworld, and felt compelled to join. Within months of recruitment, Jorrick reached the rank of sergeant, and was given command of his own unit of stormtroopers. The loyalty Jorrick feels for the Empire is unquestionable, but his military career has not been without blemish; he has lost his entire unit to Rebel sniper fire, and nearly lost his own life in an explosive ASF trap. Subsequent recruits to Jorrick’s unit suffered similar fates as they continued to be pitted against ASF, specifically being foiled time and again by Agent Auren Shan.

Since then, Jorrick Vrenson has come to despise the young Jedi, with a hatred that would choke a rancor. Jorrick desires nothing more before his new unit is cut down again, than to see the life drain from Auren Shan’s eyes, as he strangles the Jedi with his bare hands.

Sgt. Jorrick Vrenson

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