Kam Muntor

The masks! They do nothing!


Wizened, scattered, and sparky in the more electrical sense of the word. He is quite fond of the crab droid that saved his life on Nelvaan and is often seen sitting or standing on top of it, trying to converse with it despite it’s sluggish circuits.


The lone organic survivor of Anakin Skywalker’s destruction of the Techno Union science base on Nelvaan. Kam Muntor was eventually captured and thrown into a Republic prison until he was released on the condition he lend his skills to an experimental Imperial bio-weapon project.

After a lengthy trial and error process, Doctor Kam Muntor produced the Empire’s first in a line of augmented alien species, ED-56. Their memories wiped clean and behaviour controlled by the same control harnesses Dr. Muntor developed on Nelvaan, the Skakoan was only able to produce one more cybernetic monster for the Empire; ED-57. After ED-56’s malfunction on Pernam Minor, Muntor and ED-57 have been sent out to scourer the Minos Cluster for his project and return it to Imperial custody dead or alive.

Kam Muntor

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