Com. Keyan Farlander

Blue Leader


A skilled pilot from the planet Agamar, Keyan Farlander joined the Rebellion when his home and most of his family were annihilated by the Empire. Swearing vengeance against the Empire for the slaughter of his parents, aunts, uncles, and all of his siblings save for a badly burned younger sister, Keyan was determined to fly starfighters against the TIE’s who burned his home to cinders. Through a stroke of luck, Keyan was recruited to the Rebellion on Naboo after his freighter, the Verdant Horizon and droid co-pilot C-3Q2, were stolen from the local spaceport there, leaving him stranded. Diligent and eager as he was, Keyan was able to muster into one of the major starfighter squadrons of the Alliance Navy, obtaining a position with Gold Squadron flying Y-Wings, and the call-sign Gold 7; he was one of the few Gold Squadron members to survive against the Death Star during the Battle of Yavin. Open to the Force, Keyan has felt the power of it, but also the pull of the dark-side, and has vowed not to use it until he can receive proper instruction from Luke Skywalker.

In the intervening years Keyan has distinguished himself many times in service of the Rebel Alliance, including leading the destruction of a new TIE fighter design station, re-establishing Blue Squadron (lost during the Battle of Scarif), retraining Rebel pilots to use the all-new B-Wing starfighter, and leading Blue Squadron during the Battle of Endor. Keyan has met and made friends with Agent Auren Shan, whom Keyan regards as a peer in the Force, though Keyan is wary of his friend’s growing powers and questions; Keyan is much more happy to ask Auren his own questions about the Force, especially the Jedi.

He has recently been posted to the Teirfon Outpost along with the rest of Blue Squadron, and serves as the base’s de facto commander.

Com. Keyan Farlander

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