Nihil Alla-Din

A 69(3687) year old Givin: 75kg(165lb.), 1.9m(6'3'').


Durasteel Armoured Flight Suit


Nihil Alla-Din was born on the planet of Mon Calamari on the year 3683 BBY. When he was 3 years old the planet was taken over by the Sith Empire. His parents were forced into service of the Sith Empire and worked as analysts for Imperial Intelligence. Growing up in the Empire Nihil was force fed all of the Empire’s propaganda and Imperial values. He grew up to be a model citizen of the Sith Empire and even joined up with the Imperial Navy as a pilot. After many years of successful battles as an Imperial Pilot against the Republic he was tasked to transport ground troops including a Sith and supplies to the active warzone on Yavin 4. Before he even got near the planet the ship was severely damaged by starfighter blaster fire. The Sith in the transport ordered him to retreat to the capital ship since it seemed they weren’t going to make it to their destination. Following orders he turned the transport around and headed towards the capital ship but as they got near the capital ship was destroyed by a volley of missiles and cannon fire from a bombing run by star fighters. After seeing this the Sith ordered to Nihil to make an immediate hyperspace jump. He punched in the Nav data for Mon Calamari since it was the easiest calculation for him but as they made their jump to hyperspace the ship took fire from enemy starfighters again sending them hurtling off course unbeknownst to them.

The ship was losing power and the controls were almost entirely destroyed leaving them unable to leave hyperspace or alter course. After many hours of repair Nihil fixed the controls just before their hyperspace jump ended leaving them in the orbit of the planet Iego. Due to the severe damage to the engines and ship controls Nihil could do little but vent their fuel and ammo to reduce the chance of an explosion upon crashing. The ship crashed into the ground with such force that it crumpled most of the cockpit inward but the ship for the most part remained intact. The crash land killed everyone aboard except Nihil and the Sith. The way the ship crashed Nihil was trapped in his chair by the crunched and compressed metal of the cockpit but it left the Sith with a fractured spinal column leaving him paralyzed from the neck down and alive only due to his connection to the force. This was on the year 3638 BBY and Nihil was 45 years old.

The planet Iego is a planet of intense mystery as those who live there find no need to eat, drink or sleep and do not suffer the ravages of time. Due to this fact the Sith could never die or move due to his broken body and Nihil would be trapped for near an eternity in the metal coffin that is the cockpit of the ship. Nihil futilely tried to push against the metal encasing him to break free of the metal prison but to no avail. Even against insurmountable odds he kept at it for the next 3000 years. During this time Darth Victimis constantly cursed, threatened and assaulted Nihil’s mind with the force. Finally after years the metal encasing Nihil had degraded to the point where his efforts had warped the metal enough that he was able to squeeze through a gap. After escaping the cockpit’s metal embrace Nihil made his way to where the sith lord lay. Just as Nihil was pulling out his Vibroknuckles he felt Darth Victimis shout into his mind with the force “If you kill me I will return to the force and haunt your mind for eternity,” followed by maniacal laughter. This did nothing to halt the sith’s impending doom and with one punch after another from Nihil there was nothing left of Darth Victimis but a mangled mass of flesh. Even after the sith was long dead Nihil could still hear the cackling laughter of Darth Victimis and see those awful red eyes in the back of his mind. Stumbling out of the wrecked ship Nihil found himself in a starship graveyard with next to nobody around. He wasn’t sure how long he had been trapped in the ship but he kept entirely to himself and simply scavenged parts from the nearby ships. It took him until around 21 BBY to repair enough systems on the wrecked ship Almost everyday Nihil would turn a corner or get over a rise he’d see Darth Victimis screaming curses or reminding him of his eternal punishment which only served to fuel Nihil’s desire to get off planet.

It took him until 20 BBY to fix his starship which he piloted to escape the planets atmosphere. Once he left the planet’s orbit he was hit by the Separatist Laser web destroying the ship almost entirely. Through sheer luck he survived the explosion and since Givin are immune to the effects of vacuum he survived floating through space for weeks. With nothing to occupy Nihil except surviving on rations he quickly descended into a deeper madness with the assistance of the ghost of Darth Victimis.

After 50 days of floating in the void of space with only Darth Victimis for company and a dwindling ration and water supply Nihil was finally found by a passing ship by the name of the Ao Var. The ship was piloted by a subordinate ofTeemo the Hutt before Pash Alde became the Pilot of it. This subordinate took me to Teemo the Hutt in Mos Shuuta on Pernam Minor. On the way to Pernam Minor Nihil requested to have access to the holonet to attempt to catch up on current events and was allowed. Upon getting to Mos Shuuta Teemo decided in return for saving Nihil’s life Nihil was indebted to him since it was his ship. I was forced to fight as a gladiator in the arena for around 24 years which is where I befriended Lowhhrick the wookie and 41-VEX the medical droid. Nihil Alla-Din was forced to fight one or more of the The Besa. Bros. almost everyday for the Hutt’s entertainment. After winning nearly every battle Nihil quickly became one of Teemo’s favorite gladiators and so gained a bit of freedom in travel around Mos Shuuta. After this Nihil started to frequent the Mos Shuuta cantina and grill where he met Vik the bartender, Sasha Gresyn the scout, Pash Alde the smuggler and Oskara the bounty hunter. After meeting Sasha Nihil and her became fast friends and seemed to share similar beliefs about the issues with the Empire. Now in the year 4 ABY With the help of Sasha Nihil has escaped from the gladiatorial pens. Nihil has convinced Sasha to help him in rescuing Lowhhrick and 41-VEX from Teemo the Hutt’s service, but he must evade Teemo’s Gamorrean guards first . . .

Nihil Alla-Din

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