Oka-Oka Juupes

A Slimy Pirate


Oka-Oka Juupes, the rough-and-tumble Gungan from Naboo, has always been a Gungan on the wrong side of the law. He was only a young Gungan when the Republic transformed into the Empire, and his people became a politically marginalized group on their own homeworld. His parents were pressed into labour services, where both his mother and father were killed during a mining accident. He was raised by his uncle, a former council aide during Queen Amidala’s reign, who showed him the personal value of passive resistance; in this case, it meant the theft of anything owned by the Empire that wasn’t bolted to the ground. While Oka did the stealing, his uncle resold Imperial material, at a discount of course, to the needy Gungans. One day, his uncle was caught, and imprisoned for theft of Imperial goods (as he was selling them), and when he resisted, was shot by Stormtroopers. This is the source of Oka’s reckless hate against the Empire, and his reason for an often aggressive/offensive sense of humour.

In the years since his uncle’s murder, Oka-Oka has stolen an old JumpMaster 5000, the Verdant Horizon, in order to escape Naboo. However, the freighter was not unoccupied, and a protocol droid, C-3Q2, claiming to be the property of a Keyan Farlander was found aboard, and has fallen into Oka-Oka’s possession. Per C-3Q2’s insistence, Oka-Oka has used the Verdant Horizon to reach the Rebel Alliance, where both him and C-3Q2 have been put under the purview of AOS. Oka-Oka now serves as a pseudo-pirate for the Rebellion, stealing weapons & material from the Empire, transporting supplies and smuggling soldiers to flashpoints all over The Minos Cluster. C-3Q2 grudgingly serves Oka-Oka, organizing and sorting the various material they have stolen, as well as translating for the crude Gungan pirate.

Oka-Oka Juupes

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