Oskara originally lived on the planet Ryloth, but whilst she was young her family moved to Pernam Minor to escape the Imperial occupuation. There she was roped into a criminal faction to work as a Bounty Hunter by them kidnapping her sister Makara to work in their spice mines. Teemo the Hutt came into contact with the criminal faction and they loaned Oskara to Teemo the Hutt to work as his Bounty Hunter. Now Oskara fears that Teemo is planning to turn on the spice mine crime faction and fears for her sister’s life.

While on a mission for Teemo with Lowhhrick Oskara was saved from almost certain death by Lowhhrick. After that mission they became fast friends and often would spar against each other before Oskara went on bounty hunts. They even work together on The Hungry Xuvva, Teemo’s personal ship.

Later while on a mission for Teemo on Eliad Oskara hired Sasha Gresyn to scout for a certain bounty. With the help of Sasha Oskara was able to take her bounty back to Mos Shuuta with no issue. As a reward Oskara took Sasha back with her to Pernam Minor. In working for Teemo Oskara has met most of those in his employ including Pash Alde, 41-VEX, Nis Viv, The Besa. Bros. and Nihil Alla-Din. Not wanting to work for Teemo forever Oskara longs to join up with a crew and escape the employ of the Hutt crime lord with Lowhhrick and Sasha and save her sister from the clutches of Teemo and the spice mine crime gang.


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