Sasha Gresyn


Sasha was a part of the rebel cell on Eliad but was left behind when she unknowingly gave up information on the cells location. Due to this the cell was all but wiped out. She managed to keep her association with the rebels a secret so she wasn’t accosted by Imperials but she had no way to leave Eliad with all her contacts dead or captured.

She came across Oskara when Oskara was hunting a bounty for Teemo the Hutt on Eliad. Sasha helped Oskara find her way through the streets of Onderon and led her to the target. Oskara and Sasha became quick friends and in payment Oskara took Sasha back with her to Pernam Minor.

Upon getting to Pernam Minor Sasha befriended the devaronian bartender called Nis Viv and one of Teemo’s gladiators named Nihil Alla-Din. Vik suggested to Sasha that she work for Teemo the Hutt but from what Oskara told Sasha about Teemo’s reputation she decided that was not something she was interested in. So instead of working for Teemo she chose to freelance as a scout guiding people through the deserts of Pernam Minor. It didn’t pay well or do anybody any good so Sasha always longed to be back with the Rebel Alliance. In dealing with Oskara and Vik Sasha has come across many beings in the service of Teemo including Pash Alde, 41-VEX, The Besa. Bros. and Lowhhrick. While at the arena Nihil requested her help in hiding out from Teemo until he can find a way to rescue Lowhhrick and 41-VEX from Teemo and get off planet. Looking for an excuse to do something good again she immediately said she’d meet him at the cantina latter, after slipping him the key to his chains.

Sasha Gresyn

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