Zamtrios ED-56

Always a bigger fish


Zamtrios, Experiment Designation 56, is a Karkaris borne and bred Karkarodon. Born near the close of the Clone Wars and raised amidst the aftermath of the devastating loss of the Separatist Alliance, Zamtrios and his sister Bulette grew up poor under the Galactic Empire’s reparations. The Karkarodon are a very militaristic people and even under the harsher economic climate, military service ensured a level of sufficiency. However even with the added aid from his service, Bulette developed a rare and fatal condition, and they couldn’t afford to care for her illness.

At the same time an Imperial bioweapons project is being tested on the unsuspecting people of Karkaris and lead by a disgraced Skakoan scientist, Kam Muntor. Seeking volunteers for the project, the poorest and most desperate were hand selected. They were taken to a secret facility where these Karakarodon were severely augmented cybernetically and genetically, enhancing strength, speed, and combat efficiency. The process was horrific and most subjects died in the first few stages. Seeing the great danger in the operation, but also the scientists incredibe medical technology, Zamtrios pleaded to make a deal with the Scientist. He would willingly volunteer for the project if the Skakoan agreed to cure his sister. The bargain was struck.

For nearly a decade after the grueling operations, Zamtrios fought without mercy against rebel targets across the sector. Under a complete memory wipe and a prototype control harness, he remembers nothing of his past, not even his sister. On a mission to the Minos Cluster the control harness malfunctioned and Zamtrios was let loose upon an ill prepared Mos Shutta. Causing millions of credits worth in property damage and now free from Imperial control and contact, Zamtrios was left stranded on a desert world with no recollection of why he was even there in the first place. His raw destructive power is all that saved him from the full wrath of Teemo the Hutt, the crimeboss made an easy to swallow arrangement with the towering, mechanized shark. In exchange for Zamtrios’s services as hired muscle and protection, Teemo the Hutt would allow him to pay back his debt incrementally.

Zamtrios loped around the palace as Teemo’s guard dog, was neither kind nor callous and often turned a blind eye to the other slaves. Recently during the brawl that ensued as a gladiator Nihil Alla-Din escaped Teemo’s palace, Zamtrios broke his masters favorite hookah pipe (as well as some of his fellow guards spines). This was the last straw for Teemo, who has tired of increasing the debt the Karkarodon owes him every time the fish breaks more of his property. Teemo has sent his guards to bring Zamtrios to the gladiatorial arena, so that the Hutt can watch him die in combat with the most exotic beasts the galaxy has to offer . . .

Zamtrios ED-56

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