Star Wars: Empire Eclipsed

Alliance Operative Gresyn Report 342-A

The following is an exert of undercover operative Sasha Gresyn’s report to Alliance High Command, transmitted from the Ao Var

During surveillance operations on Pernam Minor I have discovered that the notorious gangster Teemo the Hutt is in league with Imperial forces in the sector. As a result I have been giving aid to a band of malcontents fleeing the Hutts oppression. They have managed to kill some of the Hutts henchmen in their escape, as well as sabotage an Imperial spaceport command centre. Though they are a long way from becoming an active resistance group, I believe they may assist the Alliance in disrupting the Imperial presence in the system. In particular they may be useful in future operations to destroy or disable the Imperial battlestation Redoubt in orbit above the moon, which has hampered Alliance operations in the Cluster.

Gresyn out.

Recovered Personal Log

The following is part of a data upload retrieved by Alliance operatives on Coruscant

Personal Log 2847

The Emperor may be dead, and rioters may be in control of the streets outside, but this does not have to be the end of me! The Rebels are no doubt on their way to take Coruscant. Well let them! Surely I have enough pull among the bureaucrats to cover my escape. But it would be best to let things cool down a bit first. After all, the former councilor to the Emperor would make a great centerpiece at any trial of Imperial criminals. I shall go to the Outer Rim, my contacts at the ISB could certainly arrange that. But this will require a greasing of a few palms. Well the Emperor won’t be needing his private treasury any more. And that shiny necklace would more than pay for my escape . . .


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