Star Wars: Empire Eclipsed

Agent Shan Report #371B
Transmitted from Pernam Minor

Transmission Decrypted
This is Agent Auren Shan of ASF reporting in. Once you receive this report, you will undoubtable be aware of the Alliance’s failure to capture Redoubt Station and liberate the The Minos Cluster from Imperial domination. Once aboard Redoubt Station, Analyst Yakoc and I had to obtain new credentials for her to be able to move about the station unhindered, which proved to be quite a problem. The station’s levels had been secured quite well, with access being granted to only a few officers per level, and both Analyst Yakoc and I had to incapacitate more than a few different sets of Imperial stormtoopers or officers to access the areas required. After shutting down the gravity-well projectors as required, the two of us managed to make our way up to the control tower for the station and Analyst Yakoc accessed the station’s datacore as per instructions.
Once the Alliance’s strike force dropped out of hyperspace, we figured we’d just sit back and watch the show, but an alert on the station’s Imperial holonet showed a force of their own coming to reinforce Redoubt Station, more than enough to wipe out our strike force. I warned them to jump out of system before the Empire’s reinforcements showed, and as you well know, they managed to get away. With the station’s forces closing in on us, we accessed an escape pod and managed to get away in the ensuing chaos. We have since landed on the planet Redoubt Station orbits, Pernam Minor. I will await a mission update with further instructions on how to proceed. Agent Shan out.

Addendum: A number of prisoners were released from Redoubt Station, namely two Alliance scouts, a smuggler, and some would be Alliance recruits. Be on the look out for them, as they’re coming your way and may require assistance. As well there’s an Imperial Doctor, Bob, who willingly aided us and should have a clean history. He’s looking to defect, and I promised I would put a good word in for him with recruitment personnel. See that this is forwarded to them.

Agent Shan Report #371A
Transmitted from Redoubt Station

Transmission Decrypted
This is Agent Auren Shan of ASF reporting in. After departing Home One with data analyst Milo Yakoc, the two of us arrived on the run-down space station, MG-226. During preparations for obtaining our transport to Redoubt Station, analyst Yakoc was lured into imprisonment by the leader of a labour-gang, which I intentionally followed her into in order to keep tabs on her. I did so mostly because I knew I’d have the situation under control; I cut the locks and freed us, and in the process freed about a dozen workers the labour-gang were holding captive. I sent those willing to join the Rebellion back to the transport that we arrived with; it wouldn’t give away anything but a rendezvous point anyway.
Against analyst Yakoc‘s wants, I felt the need to revisit some grievances on the labour-gang leader, Zaz, whom we subdued. We were able to retrieve work uniforms from him in order to blend in with the rest of the workforce on MG-226 and began loading goods onto the transport bound for Redoubt Station. We were able to sneak aboard the transport, where I successfully coerced the commander of the ship to surrender to me temporarily, on the condition I spared his and his crew’s lives. We used the transport’s clearance to dock with Redoubt Station, where I tricked our way aboard by faking a medical emergency involving analyst Yakoc. The two of us are now aboard Redoubt Station and are ready to implement the second phase of the operation.

Addendum: Can personnel review analyst Milo Yakoc’s Imperial and Alliance criminal records for arrests or convictions for prostitution?

Incoming Transmission From Alliance High Command

The Elrood, Airam, Cegul, and Rseik sectors have all recently fallen to Alliance forces with little opposition. This was mainly due to information gained from one of our Fulcrum agents that most Imperial High Command in these sectors have recently gone mysteriously missing. Imperial military force levels in the affected sectors dropped dramatically after the commanders disappearance, so it is believed that infighting and assassinations are to blame, with the missing troops and ships probably going to whichever Imperial commander ordered the assassinations.

This leaves the Minos and Kathol sectors as the last bastions of Imperial rule in the area. We are advised by Fulcrum that the Imperial presence has historically always been low in these sectors. It has therefore been determined that Alliance High Command will commit to a limited, lightning strike to destroy key Imperial military installations in the area, and leave the remaining Imperial forces to Sector Command forces to neutralize. Command of these operations is given to Col. Osiris Denth, with limited fleet support under Commander Yun V’vock.

Alliance Operative Gresyn Report 342-A

The following is an exert of undercover operative Sasha Gresyn’s report to Alliance High Command, transmitted from the Ao Var

During surveillance operations on Pernam Minor I have discovered that the notorious gangster Teemo the Hutt is in league with Imperial forces in the sector. As a result I have been giving aid to a band of malcontents fleeing the Hutts oppression. They have managed to kill some of the Hutts henchmen in their escape, as well as sabotage an Imperial spaceport command centre. Though they are a long way from becoming an active resistance group, I believe they may assist the Alliance in disrupting the Imperial presence in the system. In particular they may be useful in future operations to destroy or disable the Imperial battlestation Redoubt in orbit above the moon, which has hampered Alliance operations in the Cluster.

Gresyn out.

Recovered Personal Log

The following is part of a data upload retrieved by Alliance operatives on Coruscant

Personal Log 2847

The Emperor may be dead, and rioters may be in control of the streets outside, but this does not have to be the end of me! The Rebels are no doubt on their way to take Coruscant. Well let them! Surely I have enough pull among the bureaucrats to cover my escape. But it would be best to let things cool down a bit first. After all, the former councilor to the Emperor would make a great centerpiece at any trial of Imperial criminals. I shall go to the Outer Rim, my contacts at the ISB could certainly arrange that. But this will require a greasing of a few palms. Well the Emperor won’t be needing his private treasury any more. And that shiny necklace would more than pay for my escape . . .


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