Astrogation Data: Pergitor System, Minos Sector, Oversector Over

Government: Authoritarian Theocracy

Population: 2 Billion

Climate: Cool

Atmosphere: Type 3

Terrain: Volcanoes, Ash Deserts (Formerly Rainforest)

Major Settlements: Revelation

Major Exports: Minerals

Major Imports: Food, Drugs, Smuggled Luxury Items

Trade Routes: Rimma Trade Route

Important Locations: Jesa’s Maw

Knowledge Galactic Check Results: DC 15: Pergitor is a mid-sized planet in the Minos Sector, and one of two entrances to the cluster. Despite its position on the Remma Trade Route, few offworlders are allowed to land, save emissaries of the Jesa Corporation.
DC 20: The Empire has installed an orbital station, the Resolute, above Pergitor to intercept smugglers and Rebels trying to enter or leave the sector. The station is armed with a gravity well generator which pulls all incoming space traffic out of hyperspace for inspection.
DC 25: The Empire has an agreement with the planets rulers, the fudementalist Church of Infinite Perception. The Church allows the Jesa Corporation to continue to mine Pergitor. In return, the Empire enforces a blockade and lends troops to prop up the regime.
DC 30: During the Clone Wars, Pergitor was one of the few planets to take a side. Having faced ecological devastation at the hands of the Jesa Corporation, and believing that the Republic would do nothing to help their planet, the elected ruling council voted to ally with the Separatists. With the end of the Clone Wars and rise of the Empire the Church of Infinite Perception launched a coup, and with the help of Imperial troops drove the separatist government’s supporters into the hills, where they have formed a resistance movement. Soon after, the Jesa Corporation resumed mining and ever since Pergitor has shivered under the Empires cold grip.


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