Rebel Alliance Minos Sector Command

Description: The Alliance presence in the Minos Cluster has been variable over the years. Before the Battle of Yavin, Rebel High Command viewed the sector as a relative safe zone, and used it mainly to gain supplies and as a safe place to retreat from the Empire. However after the Battle of Yavin several of the more hot headed members of sector command decided to take the fight to the Empire in the Cluster. They converged on the planet Karideph, and though they managed to liberate it from Imperial occupation the Empire responded by installing battlestations at the two entrance points of the sector. This led to the Alliance High Command reducing its presence in the sector, effectively undertaking only smuggling and espionage activities. Sector Forces have been pinned down and blockaded within Karideph, leading to a form of stalemate which has continued up until now.

Alliance High Command has sent Blue Squadron to reinforce Teifron Base, and plans to link up with Minos Sector Command to finally liberate the cluster. However, internally the Rebels are split between outside agents sent in by Sector Command, and native rebels who view the wider Rebel Alliance somewhat suspiciously.

Type: Military/Paramilitary (Knowledge Galactic Check)
Enemies/Allies: The Galatic Empire, specifically Imperial units holding the Minos Cluster
Scale: 10 (multiple planets)
Organization Score Criteria: Characters wishing to join the Rebels must be introduced by a ranking member of the organization, or are sought out themselves by Alliance agents. Any who sacrifice much to harm the Empire is a potential member of the Rebel Alliance.
Criteria Tables:
Positive Criteria Organization Score Modifier

Experience plus 1/2 Character Level
Has levels in the Jedi Class plus 1
Has levels in the Noble Class plus 1
Has levels in the Jedi Knight Prestige Class plus 1
Has levels in the Saboteur Prestige Class plus 1
Has levels in the Infiltrator Prestige Class plus 1
Has levels in the Pathfinder Prestige Class plus 1
Recruited a new member plus 1
Veteran of the Rebellion plus 1/2 for every year served
Defeats a major Imperial figure plus 1/4 per opponenet CL
Participates in a major battle plus 1
Obtains supplies plus 1 per 25,000 credits worth of supplies
Negative Criteria Organization Score Modifier
Captured by the Empire minus 2
Kills an Alliance member minus 20
Gives information to the Empire minus 15
Darksider minus 1/4 Dark Side Score
Rank Score Title, Benefits and Duties (SpecForce)
0 0-3 Sympathiser: Sympathisers are potential recruits who have to prove their trustworthiness. Most are expected to undertake a raid of Imperial facilities, or take an equivalent action against the Empire to prove their loyalty.
1 4-10 Trooper: Troopers are the front line soldiers of the Rebellion. They are expected to participate in all battles and missions undertaken by the Rebellion and follow the orders of superiors.
2 11-14 Sergeant: Bloodied members of the Alliance are often expected to lead new recruits in dangerous missions. They gain a plus 2 bonus to use the aid another action to assist another member of the Rebellion.
3 15-20 Lieutenant: Lieutenants are inducted into many of the Rebellions secrets, and as such may access the safe houses scattered across the sector.
4 21-25 Captain: Captain command larger units in combat, and are often in charge of cells on multiple worlds. When spending a Force Point to enhance a stealth check, roll 2d6 and take the higher result.
5 26-29 Colonel: Colonels are the highest ranking members of the Rebellion to take the field, and are trusted to turn the tide of battle. They gain a +2 bonus on deception tests against Imperial agents.
6 30 plus General: Generals are rare in the Rebellion, and often operate autonomously in large swathes of space. They may requisition a Rebel Capital ship for up to a week

Rebel Alliance Minos Sector Command

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