Auren Shan

Son of the Jedi


Auren Shan was born shortly after the Clone Wars to Kaia Ru-Ahrt, his mother, a senatorial aide to Senator Tynnra Pamlo of Taris. Auren’s father was Jedi Knight Edrik Shan, a descendent of the famed Shan line of Jedi. Edrik met Kaia when he was protecting Senator Pamlo’s predecessor from Separatist assassination during the Clone Wars, and the two grew close over the course of a few months, eventually falling in love. Though forbidden, they decided to keep and raise the child they had together, but Edrik was hunted down and killed not long after Auren’s birth. Kaia raised Auren by herself for 13 years, until she was arrested for transmitting classified documents and sent to a labor camp. Homeless and abandoned, Auren lived on the streets and struggled to survive, eventually picking the pockets of Col. Osiris Denth while the Rebel was on Taris. This incident led Osiris to recruit the young Force-Sensitive Human to the Rebellion, where he could have a home, and get into the type of trouble that Osiris could use.

Osiris has had a strong hand in raising Auren, and has encouraged him to explore his Jedi heritage and his continuously growing abilities. At Osiris’ direction, Auren joined the 5th Regiment of ASF and has trained to be a Rebel Infiltrator, to go behind Imperial lines to spy, sabotage, and stab his way to victory. After joining the Rebellion and training with ASF, Auren has met and befriended more than a few Rebel icons, including his cousin Deena Shan, and the leader of Blue Squadron, Keyan Farlander. Deena has made Auren aware of her father, Adm. Aleksandr Shan, who would want nothing more than to capture Auren.

Auren Shan

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