Col. Osiris Denth

SpecOps Strategy Master


Volatile and extreme, Osiris Denth was a teenager on Onderon during the Clone Wars, who watched his older brother die during Steela Gerrera‘s campaign to free the planet from the Separatists. Determined to see that his brother’s death wasn’t in vain, Osiris joined the Onderon Militia when he came of age, training under Saw Gerrera. Years after Onderon fell to the Empire, Osiris had a falling out with Saw Gerrera over the outcome of a mission that Osiris still doesn’t talk about to this day. After Osiris’ split from Saw Gerrera‘s Partisans, ASO became interested in Osiris and recruited him, where his successful strategies and operations, though risky and extreme, led Rebels to victory. Roughly three years before the Battle of Yavin, Osiris received a promotion to the rank of Colonel, and a new posting with ASC. With new authority and less oversight, Osiris began building up his own command group full of ASF troops, AI agents, and the ’Son of the Jedi’ Auren Shan, whom he recruited to the Rebellion while Auren was an orphan on Taris. In the intervening years Osiris has done his best to both raise Auren as a pseudo-parent, and subtly manipulate the powerful young man into a weapon that he might use to crush the Empire.

Osiris’ command group has been tasked by AHC to operate as the Rebel Alliance Minos Sector Command in order to strike at the Empire’s weak points in the region with renewed fervor to end the war. Osiris currently coordinates the Rebel cells within The Minos Cluster from Shatterpoint base on Karideph. Though intense, Osiris has an air of mystery about him, and he has never discussed what caused him to leave Saw Gerrera‘s Partisans for the Rebellion. He is known for keeping his cards close to his chest, and has built up a reputation amongst those he commands for revealing maddeningly few details, even for a mission, if a detail could alter the outcome or an individual’s conscience.

Col. Osiris Denth

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