Star Wars: Empire Eclipsed

Agent Shan Report #371A

Transmitted from Redoubt Station

Transmission Decrypted
This is Agent Auren Shan of ASF reporting in. After departing Home One with data analyst Milo Yakoc, the two of us arrived on the run-down space station, MG-226. During preparations for obtaining our transport to Redoubt Station, analyst Yakoc was lured into imprisonment by the leader of a labour-gang, which I intentionally followed her into in order to keep tabs on her. I did so mostly because I knew I’d have the situation under control; I cut the locks and freed us, and in the process freed about a dozen workers the labour-gang were holding captive. I sent those willing to join the Rebellion back to the transport that we arrived with; it wouldn’t give away anything but a rendezvous point anyway.
Against analyst Yakoc‘s wants, I felt the need to revisit some grievances on the labour-gang leader, Zaz, whom we subdued. We were able to retrieve work uniforms from him in order to blend in with the rest of the workforce on MG-226 and began loading goods onto the transport bound for Redoubt Station. We were able to sneak aboard the transport, where I successfully coerced the commander of the ship to surrender to me temporarily, on the condition I spared his and his crew’s lives. We used the transport’s clearance to dock with Redoubt Station, where I tricked our way aboard by faking a medical emergency involving analyst Yakoc. The two of us are now aboard Redoubt Station and are ready to implement the second phase of the operation.

Addendum: Can personnel review analyst Milo Yakoc’s Imperial and Alliance criminal records for arrests or convictions for prostitution?



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