Astrogation Data: Kolondi System, Minos Sector, Oversector Outer

Government: Alliance Sector Command

Population: Less than 1,000, Various Species

Climate: Cold

Atmosphere: Type 4

Terrain: Craters, Ridges, Canyons

Major Settlements: Tierfon Outpost

Major Exports: None

Major Imports: Food, Drugs, Military Supplies

Trade Routes: None

Notes: Haven is a moon in the Kolondi System, unlisted on official charts and hidden from sensor detection due to its proximity to a nebulae. During the days of the Republic it was a shadowport used by smugglers and other criminals. Now it serves as one of the Rebels main hideouts.

It currently holds Teirfon Outpost, a small base hosting Blue Squadron and used as a safe house and a supply post.


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