Pernam Minor

Astrogation Data: Pernam System, Minos Sector, Oversector Over

Government: Criminal

Population: 5 Million, 45% Human, 55% Other

Climate: Hot

Atmosphere: Type 1

Terrain: Salt Plains, Desert, Mesas, Small Mountainous Ridges, Oasis

Major Settlements: Mos Shuuta, Nabat

Major Exports: Spice

Major Imports: Technology, Weapons, Drugs

Trade Routes: Rimma Trade Route

Important Locations: New Meen

Knowledge Galactic Check Results: DC 15: Pernam Minor is a small desert moon on the edge of the Minos Cluster. The system is the only corewad entrance to the cluster. It sports a number of small spaceports, cantinas and of course smuggler dens.
DC 20: The Empire has installed an orbital station, the Redoubt, above Pernam Minor to intercept smugglers and Rebels trying to enter or leave the sector. The station is armed with a gravity well generator which pulls all incoming space traffic out of hyperspace for inspection.
DC 25: The moon is largely left alone by the Empire, and is controlled by a number of criminal factions including a member of the Hutt Cartel, Teemo the Hutt.
DC 30: Pernam Minor is also known as a major source of spice in the region, a trade that Teemo has a monopoly on. As to just how he gets the narcotic off world from under the nose of Imperial Customs agents stationed on the Redoubt is anyone’s guess.

Pernam Minor

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