The Minos Cluster

The Minos Cluster lies in the Outer Rim, along the Rimma Trade Route. A dense collection of star systems it famously takes less than a day to hyperspace jump to all of the systems in the sector. There are only two entrances to the cluster, Pernam Minor and Pergitor. Though the cluster is famously rich in resources, Imperial High Command decided that securing Pernam Minor and Pergitor with gravity well equipped battlestations was security enough for the far flung sector. As a result, the Imperial sector fleet that is assigned to the cluster is small, centered around a single aging Victory I-class Star Destroyer, the Chariot.

The sectors systems played little part in the Clone Wars, and as a result for thousands of years the cluster has been at peace. The last major conflict was in 3653 BBY, when the Sith Empire’s offensive against the Galactic Republic in the Minos Cluster ended, according to a report given to the Galactic Senate just before the Sacking of Coruscant.




The Minos Cluster

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